Friday, August 22, 2008

Question of the Day

Where is your favorite place to be alone?

We have a balcony at our new apartment and Jordan surprised me last week with pretty wicker patio furniture :). I love to sit out there after a long day and catch up on my RSS feeds, read a book (currently it's Lolita), and write. We have a pretty good view of the sun going down, and on a cool night, I like to sit out there and unwind before I have to cook dinner and Jordan comes home.

It's a nice way to escape from Keira, who frequently attacks me (She adores Jordan, but for some reason, thinks I am a scratching post. Seriously, check out my arms and legs. It's ridiculous. She just tried to bite my ear off while I'm typing this.) Unfortunately it's too hot and muggy to sit out there tonight, so I sit here with her climbing all over me. I wonder if I smell like catnip or something.


ANYway, it's so nice to have a place outside to go. I'm shielded from the sun, so I won't get pre-marital sunburn. It's also nice to meet some of the neighbors, who walk and play in the lawn below me. The people in the apartment directly below us, while a little rough around the edges, are very friendly, we'll often swap funny stories of the day.

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