Friday, November 07, 2008

news for fellow winos

I've been a wine drinker for awhile now, and I have recently converted Jordan when we went to Oliver Winery on our minimoon. He prefers white wine, but I have always been a red wine drinker. So for me, this is good news!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Much to my cousin's dismay, I've never been one for politics. While it's hard to miss the headlines that roll across my Reader every morning, I never really read the articles. I find it all really fake. After the past two years of the campaign, I'm really sick of watching commercials that sound like something out of the Burn Book from Mean Girls. Last night, the only election coverage I watched was Indecision '08 with John Stewart and Steven Colbert. And even then, I fell asleep and missed half the show. I woke up just in time for Obama to be crowned. I went to bed in the middle of McCain's pity party speech.

All that said, I find myself contemplating the election this morning. All over the place, people are terrified or ecstatic. On my Reader and the blogs, on Twitter and Facebook, statuses have been rolling across the feeds this morning. I saw one that said "This is the first time I've ever been proud to be an American." Someone else said that they opened their window this morning and could feel the change.

I'll tell you what change you feel. The leaves are changing colors. They are falling off the trees. The temperature is getting cooler. The only change you feel this morning is the season changing. On my way to class this morning, students were still hurrying to class. Traffic still moved too fast on Riverside. My husband still sat on the couch searching Careerbuilder for a job. Drains still needed cleaned out, my cat is still insane.

It's like people thought that things were going to change over night. That because the election was last night, everything is different this morning. But Bush is still President. For the next 2 months. And even when Obama is inaugurated, change is not going to happen overnight. It takes months, sometimes years, for laws and policies to change. Problems appear overnight. Solutions do not.

I have no idea whether Obama will be bad or good for this country. I have no way of really knowing if McCain would have been better or worse. Only God really knows what the future holds for us. That said, we have to wake up. Go back to work, school, life. Keep making your own way. I can guarantee no politician, Democrat or Republican, not even Libertarian, is going to save you. Business is still going to go through its cycles. There will be good times, there will be hard times. The only thing we can do is our absolute best. We have to keep fighting, no matter what happens. Change doesn't happen over night. We have to work hard for it.