Saturday, August 16, 2008

6 unspectacular quirks about myself

1. I collect pigs! Right now the collection is small, only a few stuffed animals, but I hope to grow it with time. And now I have a place to put them--in my apartment office!

2. I go through food craving cycles, where I will be hungry for the same thing for about a week. If I don't get that food, I go crazy and will eat everything in the house until it is met. For example, this week has been macaroni and cheese. I should just go buy some, but it isn't good for me, so I've been trying to just eat a slice of smoked gouda when the craving hits (as opposed to the 75 slices of Kraft processed cheese that Jordan eats), but it is not working and so I still feel hungry (even after an entire meal).

3. I love pens and notebooks. I try to journal regularly, often just so I can write with a pretty pen in a pretty notebook.

4. I also LOVE stationary. Unfortunately, there are so few occasions to handwrite a letter anymore. Anybody want a pen pal?

5. I change the background on my computer every day or so. Really anytime I come across a neat picture. Sometimes a few times a day. Thanks to Google Reader, that number is increasing.

6. I am OCD when it comes to my books and music. I keep an Access database for the books I should read (currently at 790), and the books I have read (227), and the music I want to download (224). I alphabetize the books on my shelves, and separate the ones I need to read from the ones I have read. In Itunes, all of my music has to have a title, artist, genre, and rating. It really irritated me that when I got a new computer I had to redo all of my ratings and playlists.

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