Sunday, August 17, 2008

Question of the Day

What is your preferred method of transportation for trips over a couple of hours? Why?

I actually really enjoy long car rides. I did not used to, when I was growing up, as I would get severely carsick. However, I've pretty much grown out of it. Now, I find great enjoyment in driving or riding long distances, especially through small towns. I love to turn the music on loud and sing badly to whatever genre Jordan has flipped the radio to (at least for the next 15 seconds, until he gets tired of it and switches the station again).

We recently traveled 9 hours to visit my cousin in North Carolina. We purchased a Garmin right before the trip to help us navigate since my eyesight is not sharp enough to be much help. For whatever reason, it took us through the middle of nowhere Ohio, down some bumpy country road. It was fantastic! Jordan and I had so much fun! The road trip was just as much fun as the actual visit to Winston-Salem, and that is saying a lot because we had a BLAST climbing mountains and floating down rivers!

I'd like to take more roadtrips, but unfortunately we don't get enough time off. With the price of gas these days, vacations are not quite as cost efficient as they used to be.

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