Sunday, May 25, 2008

What you would find if you looked up "Irony" in the dictionary

Does this strike anyone else as hilarious? I'm sure that was the point, Ellen being the prankster that she is. Ellen and her long time girlfriend are getting married, that's old news as of last week. But, they have decided to get married at the Bush ranch. Pretty sure that last time I checked, George W. was dead against gay marriage. Not to mention the hilarious dirty jokes that come to mind at the thought of this.

Drunken Video Game

I think what concerns me the most, is not that involves urine, but that it is designed for two people.

yet another stupid lawsuit

I played softball when I was a kid. I wasn't any good, but I liked running around outside (back when I had so much more energy). I never got hurt, but Kelsey, being the accident-prone beauty that she is, was always getting clobbered. I remember one time when she took a foul ball to the face and ended up with a broken nose (sorry Kels, but you have to admit it is funny now :-P). Maybe Mom and Dad should have sued the bat company for medical damages, like these people did.

To-Do Tattoo

Remember in middle school (and for some of us, high school), when you needed to remember to do some obscure assignment, so you wrote in on the back of your hand? This is like that. Only nerdy.

Pet Tanning Bed

No, your pets won't REALLY get tan, but it's an interesting concept. I'm not one to buy expensive pet products, but I do know how much my cats enjoy laying on the floor next to a sunny window.