Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We need this at the Beechwood House

With 3 avid cooks in the house, all sharing one fridge, we definitely could have used this. We have a dry erase board on the wall, but how great would it be if we could write on the fridge? Imagine the pictures, silly messages, to do lists, grocery lists, etc etc etc that would be on it. "We need milk NOW!" "Haley, your salad is gross. Throw it away." "Please refill the ice cube trays when you use the last cube!" "Ok, seriously Haley, lettuce is not supposed to be that color. Throw it away." Oh, and don't forget pictures of Melissa singing at the top of her lungs and Natalie's Kitty Fox.

What a mess!

In my family, we are laptop users. We always have them with us when we are at home, whether we are watching TV, doing homework, or eating dinner. The latter tends to get us in trouble with my father's technicians. They are always griping about the crumbs and debris they find under our keys. Maybe this nifty vacuum would help!

Pretty Journals :)

I'm trying to journal more. I mean old fashioned, pen and paper journaling. There is such a comfort in writing all my thoughts and feelings. While I am learning more about blogging, I still prefer a more hands on approach for my more personal writings. I've always thought there was a book in me somewhere, but I haven't found it yet, so I keep writing.

Maybe actually writing in a used book would help. Probably not, but this is still an awesome idea. Attic Journals takes old hardcover books and turns them into notebooks. I especially love the themed ones. For example, Attic suggests using Being Born for a new parent's diary to record the "firsts."


It seems like I have so little time these days. With work, school, and wedding planning, I am swamped. I'm trying to keep house, do laundry, and get the dishes done, all at the same time. Add on top of that, I'm on a diet and trying to cook for Jordan and I every night. Not to mention the fact that we are preparing to move in the next week or so. I am always doing more than one thing at the same time. This timer is perfect. I can set it for more than one thing! I know, I know, that's what cell phone alarms are for, but I usually have a "Ding" (Thanks Beechwood girls) in the kitchen. I may get one of these for our new apartment :).

Perfect PMS tool

Women of the world, listen up. Some smart cookie out there invented the best product. Now you can eat your Ben & Jerry's (or Haagan Daaz if you are me) without freezing your fingers off!

Get an extra shot in the morning

Jordan keeps telling me that we need to get new guns. Think this would satisfy him??? This would be an awesome gift for any gun lover.

Pocket Pets

What is it with Asia and the obsession with pets you can put in your pockets? First it was Tamagotchi, back in middle school, and now this. I think I preferred digital poop to a pocketful of dead fish.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Why you should be careful when wording an advertisement...

Did the editors and creative team seriously not catch this? This is an ad for a new trail mix type snack. Listen closely at the end at how they describe the product.