Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lunch at Concannon's

I FINALLY got to try out Concannon's new deli cafe here in Muncie. I've been a Concannon's addict since I first discovered them my sophomore year at Ball State, and when I found out they were building a new shop, I was super excited. Gimme more Concannon's! However, the new cafe is on the opposite side of town from where I live, work, and go to school, so three months after the Grand Opening I still had not tried it.

This week, I've had THREE different people reference the new cafe, so I knew it was time. A quick post on Facebook and I had a date with my Aunt Susan and her daughter Maycee! Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong thing. I have this problem where I order something with Jordan in mind, which doesn't always work out. I had the Flaming Roast Beef, which he would love. It's got lots of jalepenos and some sort of red chilis (which I mistook for a grape tomato, until I popped one in my mouth!), pepperjack cheese, and a spicy horseradish sauce all wrapped up in a tortilla. It definitely had potential, but I think the sauce took it over the edge for me. The wrap just did not have enough substance to counteract the spice. It would have been better with some sort of thick spongy white bread.

Don't take this as a bad review though. Judging from the delicious looking meals around me, I will definitely be back. On one side of me, two women had amazing smelling cheddar soup; on the other there was a beautiful cranberry walnut salad. And there were sooooooo many sandwich choices. Add to that the 50 feet of candy and pastry displays and you have a great restaurant. It's definitely a success, don't go at lunch time if you can help it. We went at 1:45 and it was PACKED. Apparently, an hour before the line had been to the door (overheard from one of the other tables). I'm also looking forward to trying their new homemade ice creams.


Marsha said...

You're making my mouth water...although I couldn't go for what would be Jordan's taste in foods. Where is this at in Muncie?

Haley said...

It's on the North West Side. If you know where Wal-mart is, it's north of McGalliard from Wal-mart.

Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

OHMYWORD I loved Concannon's!!!! I haven't thought about their breakfast rolls, danishes, eclairs, etc. for so long and now I want some. My roommates and I would go early on Saturday mornings, eat their delicious yumminess in the park by the river and catch up on life. Oh, the memories.