Friday, November 07, 2008

news for fellow winos

I've been a wine drinker for awhile now, and I have recently converted Jordan when we went to Oliver Winery on our minimoon. He prefers white wine, but I have always been a red wine drinker. So for me, this is good news!


Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

Thanks for your comment! It cracks me up that you work for a plumping company. Rest assured, I definitely wasn't talking about you. :)

And do we know each other??! I noticed that you follow Andrea's blog. I went to college with her and her sister is marrying my husband's cousin. Small world. :)

Jan said...

I'm with you on the red wine lol - (good or bad for you) I love the stuff! As for the 'news' for wine drinkers that's great news!! Thanks for sharing.
Ps: Your blog is really interesting!