Friday, September 05, 2008

yet another alarm clock

I have this fascination with unique alarm clocks. I think maybe its because I have never really had trouble waking up to an alarm (providing I set one...sort of slept through class this morning). It always amused me when first my sisters, then my roomies, and now Jordan didn't wake up to their alarms. At the Beechwood house there were many grouchy mornings where I almost destroyed Mel's phone because it would go off obnoxiously forEVER! That girl does NOT wake up for anything! Haha, I love you!

Anyway, here's another unique one. You don't have to chase a robot around the room, or put a puzzle together, because seriously, who has the energy for that in the morning? Even I do not. All you have to do is stand on this one. It's a mat that goes off until you put enough weight on it. No superhuman mental capacity needed, you just have to get out of bed. Now, this does not mean you can keep a stack of textbooks on your bed to throw on the mat. That would be cheating.

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