Wednesday, March 22, 2006

BIG Big Mac

I don't really know which bothers me more...the fact that someone would actually eat FOUR hamburger patties, plus everything else on this monstrocity, or the fact that it costs $69.00, though i'm not real sure if is US$, just that they use the $ symbol. Note, this is not an American McDonalds. We are no longer the only one seating so unhealthy.


joeerickson06005252 said...
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JT said...

Well, the menu is Spanish, so we can assume that the currency is from somewhere in the Americas, since many of the countries used the same dollar symbol as the United States during the rise of commericalism in the developing countries. An example of the use for the dollar symbol other than for American dollars would be the Portugese Cifrao, except they put the symbol as the decimal place instead of in front. Also, it hasn't been their currency since the late 70's...and they are in Europe...and they speak Portugese. However, the Brazilian Real does use the dollar sign. We must also remember that Brazil speaks Portugese as well. In fact, the Uruguayan peso, Mexican peso, Dominican peso, Cuban peso, Colombian peso, Chilean peso, Argentinian peso, Bolivian boliviano, and Cape Verde escudo all use the dollar sign for their currencies. After filtering out the non-Spanish speaking countries, and looking at their exchange rates to the US Dollar, we can determine the origin of this menu. $69.00 is steep, but in Mexico, 9.3 pesos = one dollar. Therefore, the Double BigMac could be about $7 US, right?
So, if I had to guess, I'd say this menu is from Mexico.

Plus, it's from College Humor, and a lot of college students that post there also party in Mexico.